The music, the dance and the arts, the handicraft and the creation make us happy. These are the best therapy methods. Thus sing for example, it doesn’t matter how, just sing. Sing like no one could hear you dance like no one could saw you, live like no one cared what you do.

It makes no difference what type of energy or helper you’re working with,  it can be fairies or angels, you do what you do and what is important, is to thank them for their support, their help that you receive from them in your everyday life . And thank the ego , our ancestors our continental lineage and our cosmic progenitors


It is another form of the posttraumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).  We will talk about the trauma inside the spiritual womb. Every woman have this and those men too who are loved by women. Many times a woman is not able to let herself into intimacy because of the trauma inside of her womb.

What could cause the trauma of the womb :

  • sexual harrassment : It can be observed, that it can recur through generations. There are theories about this that it can be traceable back to slavery.
  • abused at young age
  • miscarriage – like abortion, all three types of traumas can be noticed. They could retry the procreation, but simply the body is not able of the conception. The reasons could be :

They couldn’t let go of the emotions : sorrow, anger, confusion caused by not understanding why all this happened.

  • abortion : both physical and emotional trauma may entail it, as well as spiritual. The womb’s muscular memory stores those emotions. In this case the numbness caused by anaesthesia or narcosis too cause trauma. Just as you remember what happened to you before, your womb does too as violence was committed against it.
  • Very complicated birth. The child gets stuck in the birth canal or C-section is needed.
  • endometriosis
  • other kind of gynacological operations – the narcosis, the surgery causes trauma for the womb as the muscular memory remembers everything
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Sexually transmitted diseases – any infection inflicts trauma on the womb
  • Extra large penises – it may happen, that after every sexual intercourse the woman experiences vaginal bleeding. In this case, she needs to see a gynecologist. This isn’t a game , neither funny, but a trauma for the uterus.
  • Sexual intercourse with a man, who does not treat the woman gently while having sex with her, in the act and after, the woman feels as her guts would have jumped in her body.
  • prostitution – because of the distinct penises and different experiences in sex this is the worst kind of trauma that the womb can suffer, because beyond the physical trauma, it also causes emotional and spiritual traumas. Every single time of sexual intercourse, not only certain bodily fluids exchanged, but the energy as well. Most men, with whom the woman is having sex don’t feel very well , maybe the situation home is miserable and he gives you that energy. Your womb have a muscular memory, since the womb is a muscle, as in the process of giving birth, what happens ? there are contractions and the muscle contracts.Therefore this means, that your uterus remembers everything what was programmed in you on physical, emotional and spiritual level.
  • If someone has adiposity at the belly, that too develops because of the trauma of the womb. You can do diets, slimming cure, all will be in vain, because of the trauma of the womb. This can be solved with meditation, healing. As well as different infections (bacterial, fungal) too signs of trauma suffered by the womb.
  • sexual harrassment or rape at young age. There is a difference between molestation and rape. Harrassment can be done by someone who usually cares about you, but the one who commits rape despises you, took something from you that belonged to you. Committed a violent act against you in an atrocious way. What may be the consequence of someone has been sexually assaulted :
  • completely shuts down to sexuality as if she took a vow of celibacy, but not out of conviction, but as a result ofphysical and emotional and sexual trauma.
  • Excessive sexual life : When promiscuity can be observed, which means that the woman sleeps with everyone she meets.
  • Or someone sleeps with multiple men.
  • Pregnancy, though the womb is „made” for pregnancy, still it causes a great deal of stress. During pregnancy, not only the food consumed is received by the child, but the mother’s emotions, thoughts will get to the him or her and if the mother is in stress, has anxiety, will be felt by the baby, hence will suffer physical, emotional and spiritual trauma.
  • Improper intim hygiene – Inadequate hygeine leads to infections as was mentioned before casues trauma for the womb.
  • Clothing – It’s not even healthy wearing a tanga every day. We need to aim to wear cotton underwear regularly. We need to help the female genitalia to breathe. If someone is wearing tight jeans or a waist trimmer belt it will hinder the adequate blood flow which also will lead to the trauma of the womb.


Healthy childbearing starts long before the conception.  Have a partner who loves you and cares about you. Live a heathly life., just like the womb have muscular memory, The DNA carries nformation. Thus the information of violence happened to female progenitors are inside us. Thus their trauma is trauma for the descendant’s womb too.



  • loving and accepting ourselves
  • meditation to relieve the womb of traumas
  • breathing -With this,the womb can be returned to life. Deep breathing has a great purifying effect. This need to be done on a daily level from start. While you inhale deeply, you can visualize as healing energy flows into your womb as if it cleaned it through, all of your female genital organs. The negative energy that stuck in is exhaled.
  • womb massage. You can do it yourself or ask your partner to do it for you. What matters is that you create a pleasant and calm atmosphere with music or without, you may use olive, coco or almond oil. Be in a lying position, with gentle circular clockwise hand movements do the massage of the womb very tenderly and with grace. You may do the movements up and downwards and go through the whole lower abdomen. While you do the massage ask your higher self to heal you, as what is important is that you have to forgive yourself since thought it was someone else who maltreated you, but it is you who hold to those emotions, keeping the womb in constant trauma. For that very reason you have to practice forgiveness and let the feelings go. The point is that to be able to let these go a way to this could be to say it or write it down or anything similar. All these happen on metaphysical plane, this is why visualization is important. You can see the long-stuck emotions leave and the healing happening. Because of the traumas there might be limits in the sex life in as you are with a man in an intimate situation. By releasing the traumas, you allow yourself to let these go, then being together change and become even more intimate.
  • confirmations for the womb – talk to your womb, as it is a part of you, it belongs to you. You may give her a name. Tell her, that you love her, that she is healthy , beautiful, that she deserves the positive, loving energy, tell her, that she is divine. These confirmation work the same way then autosuggestion, as if repeat something often enough, then our subconscious accept it, then you elevate your personal vibration too to this level. Turn everyting wonderful !
  • Bathe regularly, fine relaxing bath. Create wonderful conditions with candles, incenses and music. While in the bath tube, visualize, that the negative energies that stuck in you depart and when you flush the bath water, see that all the energy from the leave the bathtub with the water.
  • Render your love of yourself a ritual.
  • Stop searching for someone who would love you. Don’t look for a man for a reason to love you, rather love yourself.
  • You could work with crystals – Crystals possess a kind of energetic vibration which emanates from the Earth. These crystals may be : hematite, green agate, malachite, selenite.
  • dance – dance like no one would see you. The dance which I am talking about should be spiritual dance. A kind of dance which you do with your soul, your spirit, or with your ancestors or your angels. You could use a a shamanic song or any other voice which will take up there and that place is yours, wherever it may be. As for myself this place in the universe where sometimes I retreat . Throw your hands in the air and just move naturally. For example in the asian cultures they teach dancing that they observe an animal and they mimic it’s motion during the dance. This is shown in for example the Thai-chi where too they copy the movements. You can include all these in your dance. No matter how, just dance, that’s the essence.
  • If you are pregnant, or you would like to have a child, now is the time to start healing your womb. When someone is quick with child, the healing work done on the womb is unalike. Talk with the baby every day, play music for her. Even f you are at the early stages of preganacy, around week, start the healing process of the womb. You can massage the lower abdomen, send positive confirmation for the subconscious and nurture your uterus with this energy.
  • Forgiveness – Maybe you’re not ready yet to be able to forgive the one who committed violence against you, but once you attain to it, you will feel, that it will have a big relieveing effect on you, it will feel like flying. Forgiveness does not mean, that you maledict the perpetuator, but to review what feelings you have about this and you let them go. These negative emotions traumatize your former self, your womb until the end. One day, according to your divine timing, your soul will be ready to be healed, to let these emotions go.

No one can tell how much time it takes for the womb to heal , but it’s mostly up to you.

The uterus is like a cosmic oocyte, the beginning of all. The womb is everything, because this is what carries life and thus it is important to be healthy and there are methonds to make it healthy again.

Those who had miscarrige or abortion, often this is why they can’t get pregnant again, because they are afraid to lose the child again. If you are afraid, or angry, that makes you tense which you need to release. You have to stop to parroting that you are afraid that you won’t be able to conceive your child, rather start saying that you are able to do that. You can expand on this , that you call your child from the universe and tell him or her, that you are starting to work on yourself and you create a kind of space that is full of love where he or she is expected , where from the first moment he or she is nurtured. You need to talk to your child’s soul who you expect who you would like to have. You need to let her know that you are ready to receive her. But for that you need to let go all the trauma that is stored by the womb.

If you get a diagnoses that you are infertile, it can still mean nothing. There are a lot of factors that affects fertility, hormon levels, your body. All need to be ready for the reception of your child. You have to tell your womb, that you hove her.

You can eat wild jamroot to raise the probability of a successful conception. And if you need to balance your hormon levels then you can consume chaste tree instead of medicines. The red raspberry leaf is another useful thing for this which is very good for clarifiying the skin and healing. This can be mixed with red diatomaceous earth. Try this nature-given opportunity before seeing a doctor and taking expensive medicine.