Knowledge we gathered about the archetypes, our experiences help us as women to better understand ourselves, our relationships to men, other women, our children, our vocation and to the world. But not only to understand, but to experience the feeling of completeness in ourselves as women if we better get acquainted with these energies. What I’ve learnt about this, I experienced through the processes in the course of the work with many thousands of women and first of all on myself in my spiritual processes and in my life.

Already at young age around my early twenties I took notice of what I felt, that there are so many things about myself deep inside, I don’t understand and I perceived that there are women who easily dominated certain roles, archetypes. For example I didn’t like that I couldn’t see the womain in my mom, only the mother. I didn’t find her attractive , someone who knows the cunnings of seduction.  Because of this, I determinted – as a sedition – to be different.

Thus , during my years at the university, I allowed my lover archetype enourmous vigour to rage with my red mop-head, living my life enjoying my youth and beauty. Bud deep inside my soul I felt wife part stirring forcefully which intensely lived inside me. It wanted a husband, a family. This was even stronger than my lover side and as a 22 year old young woman I commited myself and I gave birth to a child. Then as the years gone by I realised that I put the lover, the amazon which resided in me into the shade as it was proper to be a good little girl, good wife, good mother. The wise woman didn’t exist in me back then , not even as rudiment. The healer magician self in me slowly begin to awake and my leader nature started to disappear  completely.

I specifically felt unconfortable in this situation, as these overshadowed parts of me really wanted to be in their place. First of them that I allowed in me to gain ground because of my role in business , was the leader part. This is very strong in me and I let it live as it is. It wasn’t easy to harmonize with my mother side as because of my mother-wound , my mother part is very heavily burdened with guilt, therefore I was a constantly in an inner conflict with myself. Then when the leader part was already strong, came a dream one day which put me on this way,  the reason why I am here. I began to get aquainted with my healer and teacher sides. This was a very long course and these became very emphatic to my other parts, which then inspired me to a complete vocation and life style change. Since my lover part is essentially very strong, after a some time it couldn’t remain dormant any longer, became awoken and caused a lot of mess in my life. I experienced as this, as a troublemaker which ravages my life. Altogether with this, the amazon living inside me, which was supressed , became stronger.

Then I started to treat women and I noticed and observed the mixture and the scale of archetypes in them. One and a half decade of work with women brought me to that when I learned from David Deida, there we dealt with the archetypes and the acceptance and integration of them. As I was increasingly unfolding my feminity, realized, that one of the biggest difficulties of my completeness as woman, is my maternal side which bears a lot of pain. With after years of works in this field I feel that all is in place and I arrived in a fullness, whose support of balance demands a lot of inward attentiveness and shall we say only requires the learning of being from me.

According to my observation the archetypes can be clustered into 9 groups and I sense, that men alike has these 9 :

  • mother
  • innocent child
  • mutinous amazon
  • mother
  • magician
  • lover
  • wise woman
  • leader
  • goddess

Accordingly I am starting a course of meditation. We will deal with all 9 archetypes, unravelling them,  get a feeling of them, then at the end owe make this course even more complete with a grand

I am awaiting all of you to this inward journey!

– Márti