Golden Mother – a 3-day course

During this course, we work with the mother archetype. The mother archetype belongs to the root chakra. The negative archetype of this chakra is sacrifice, the positive archetype is the mother, this caring, nourishing, protecting, security-providing quality. Its presence is fundamental in connecting to ourselves or life itself. If our connection to this archetype is damaged, we cannot live a complete life full of love. The mother archetype can be damaged because of our relation to our mother, which can also reflect a longer genetical pattern.

This is why the inner work with our mother is very important. If this archetype is healed, so is our own maternal part. That is when we give life, when we give love, care and nourishment.

We are not present in the labor room or in our relationship with our own child as victims. However, experiencing many rebirths, the majority of women connect to their child with the sense of guilt, and they all want to be the perfect mother. But we all know that there’s no such a thing as the perfect mother. A good enough mother exists. As long as this part of us is traumatized, from all the woman archetypes, we will be in this quality for most of the time, being unable to feel relaxed and live our sexuality, the bliss of our body, and live freely.

During this course, we deal with our inner child and our relation to them and that to our mother. We heal our maternity, we give birth to our child again, and cease to operate the negative archetypes of “I am a victim and a martyr.” We connect to life and our inner selves, which provides happiness and the feeling of integrity.

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