The Nine Feminine Archetypes

Ártatlan Lány (Szűz) Amazon Szerető Feleség Anya Vezető Varázsló Bölcs Asszony Istennő

The knowledge we gathered about the archetypes and our experience help us as women to better understand ourselves, our relationships to men, other women, our children, our vocation and the world. We don’t only understand but experience the feeling of integrity in ourselves as women if we get acquainted with these energies better. What I’ve learnt about this, I experienced through the processes in the course of the work with thousands of women, and myself through my spiritual processes and my life journey.

At a young age, in my early twenties, I took notice of what I felt, I learned that there were so many things about myself deep inside that I didn’t understand, and I perceived that there are women who easily dominated certain roles, archetypes. I didn’t like that I couldn’t see the woman in my mom, only the mother. I didn’t find her attractive, someone who knows the cunnings of seduction. Because of this, I became determined to differ.

During my years at university, I allowed my lover archetype enormous vigor to rage with my red mop-head, living my life enjoying my youth and beauty. Bud deep inside my soul, I felt the wife part stirring forcefully, which lived inside me intensely. It wanted a husband, a family. This was even stronger than my lover-side, and as a 22-year-old young woman, I committed myself and I gave birth to a child. Then, as years gone by, I realized that I put the lover, the amazon, which resided in me aside as I had to be a good girl, a good wife, a good mother. The wise woman didn’t exist in me back then. The healer-magician self in me slowly began to wake, and my leader nature started to disappear completely.

I felt uncomfortable in this situation as these overshadowed parts of me wanted to be in their place. The first one of them that I allowed to gain ground in me, mainly because of my business life, was the leader part. It’s a very strong part of me, and I let it live as it was. It wasn’t easy to harmonize it with my mother-side. Because of my mother-wound, my mother-part is heavily burdened by guilt, therefore I was constantly in an inner conflict with myself. Then, when the leader part was already strong, came a dream, which put me on this way, and that’s the reason why I’m here. I began to get acquainted with my healer and teacher sides. This was a very long process, and these became very empathetic to my other parts, which then inspired me to change my vocation and lifestyle completely. Since my lover part is essentially very strong, after some time it couldn’t remain dormant any longer, awoke and caused a mess in my life. I experienced it as this troublemaker, which ravages my life. Together with this, the amazon living inside me, which was suppressed, became stronger.

Then I started teaching women, and I noticed and observed the mixture and the scale of archetypes in them. One and a half decades of work with women brought me to what I then learned about from David Deida, the archetypes and the acceptance and integration of them within ourselves. As I was increasingly unfolding my femininity, I realized that one of the biggest difficulties on the way towards my integrity as a woman was my maternal side, which bears a lot of pain. After years of work in this field, I feel that all is in place, and I arrived at my integrity.

According to my observation, the archetypes can be clustered into 9 groups and I believe that men alike have these 9:

• mother
• innocent child
• mutinous amazon
• magician
• lover
• wise woman
• leader
• goddess

According to these groups, I started to create a course of meditations. We meet all the 9 archetypes, unravel them, get a feeling of them, and integrate them in ourselves.
Join me on this inward journey!

The Innocent Child (Virgin)

This archetype is characterized by introspection and deep connection with the inner self.
It provides with the experience of maidenhead and purity. This archetype means being in the state of mercy which can intensify when the woman is lonely.
Calm, permeated by timeless serenity. Those women, who has this as a dominant archetype, they were well manageable trouble free children who didn’t draw attention to themselves. They are the „good girls”
As adolescent type virgin , they keep clear of sex, love, the drama and the scene.
There is no inner drive, thus she is introverted, calm and patient. She keeps things in order around her.
Sexuality is entirely unimportant for her. If she marries she will be a good wife, there is no rivalry with the husband, no adventures, no misteps. She will be good mother as well.
To exist as a virgin means lingering in impersonally and unperceived. She is lacking self-assertion, monastic way of life fits her the most.

The Amazon

She portrays self-conciousness of „I pay my way”, „I can take care of myself” .
This archetype makes possible for the woman to feel completeness without a man. Her identity does not depend from a partner or a husband.
Embodies such attributes as self-determination, independence, protection of women and the family. Women’s movements usually lead by such women with strong energies.
By doing sports, travelling around the globe, living lightly in other cultures one can amplify this archetype inside.
Sets great store on principles and purposes , protects the weak and becomes the champion of justice.
Those who has this archetype strong in them, as young girls they are very active always want to win, go clear on to the end to achieve their goal. They could have difficulties during the school years, because they are seditious, stubborn, wayward and they also revolt. They enjoy rivalry in their profession, but they cannot only work for money, but their work has a subjective value.
The amazon’s negative aspect is the lack of commitment, fighting with men. Marrying and founding a family feels alien for her. Disdains sensibility, mellowness and vulnerability.
Surely with such a strong archetype, the woman keeps her maiden name. She does not hang on to motherhood, can imagine her life without a child but if she gives birth to a child, she is an earnest mother, who raises an independent ,self-sufficient child.
She has an rage, an agression that is destructive, ruins her associations. Aloof and relentless.

The Lover

Every woman who fall in love, immediately gets into this archetype. This woman becomes a beauty radiating delightfulness. In an association with such a woman, the air glows around her creating an atmosphere in which a man feels irresistible sexual desire for this woman.
This archetype falls in love very easily and also it is very easy to fall for her.
She bears the libido, the ability to pass through pleasure, the rapture, it’s energy.
There are women who are afraid of this part of them, as they can be so enraptured by the pleasure and passion, that this all they think about and they do everything to relive this experience again and again. Because of this many of them rather give up this part of themselves. But there are braver ones, those who give the green line to this powerful effect.
This is the ancient type, that is the closest to the sensual, sensory experiences, so when we work on this, we get in the here and now. These women who live deeply in this ancient type are not recognized by external marks, but because of their specific inner charm they are surrounded by magnetic ambience. Extroverted, social being, full of ardor, vim, they love men and men are attracted by them. It is important to emphasize the inner charm. The presense of the sexual power is entirely independent from age and beauty. If this power is present, then it appears in the space and firmly attracts attention, not only from those of the opposite sex, but from the women as well.

The wife

This archetype intensely has two fronts. One of them is a commited happy wife, the other is a woman absorbed by grief. This in reality embodies the woman’s desire for marriage.
For example if a woman with such a strong archetype has no husband, she can experience this as a defect of hers. The woman aspiring a married life will not be satisfied by living in a civil partnership.
Lawfulness is what important and adequate for her. Prestige. Externals are important for her, wedding in church…etc. She is happy in the day of the marriage, because for her this is the most important thing. Social support of this type is very big. Modern society regard a non-married woman as less valued.
This archetype’s characteristics : faithful, persistent, tenacious, stands by her husband despite of all the difficulties, takes the bad and the good in the marriage. If this quality is missing from a woman, who has fugacious relationships, cannot commit herself or even never marries.
If a woman lacks this quality, then a fundamentaly important will be absent in her marriage. The wedding is more than an event. It has deep sacral power, where the feminine and masculine qualities unitize, creating an intrapsychic whole. The feeling itself of totality and it’s symbol. The recognition of the union of man and woman. Around the age of thirty , in just about every woman an urge to marry develops. If it’s absent, it can be consciously be worked on and a decision has to be made. it’s a question of loyalty or freedom. The archetype of the worldly wife can be easily recognized. she is the most beautiful on the day of her marriage. Putting her husband in the center of her life causes the most pleasure for her. There are women with these archetype , who besides that they are model wives, they develop characteristics of a dower.
In early age these women play that one day they will be wives, or even the one who cooks lunch. The father of such women are usually authoritarian and the mother is defenseless who cannot protect her children. Out of this bad family model the way is marriage.
At the teens she feels best when she has a permanent boyfriend or admirer. It is very important for her, that her boyfriend to be somebody and she could brag about him.
She needs emotional security. There are some who marry at age of 18 to insuring themselves. If a middle school relationship or marriage doesn’t work out, the accomplishments during the university years will be about to get married.
In the life of these women, work is not as important as the wife role. Even if she is successful or doing well, if not married, not happy. Women of this type submit their work to their relationship. These women’s life’s work is marriage itself.
It is very rare that they have a woman friend. Usually they are with their couple all the time and they like to do everything together. These women reckon independent women as rivals and disdain them.
If it comes to make friends, they choose another couple and they regard the other woman rather as an ally than a friend.
With regard to their relation to men, they are only affected by successful men.
They usually find men who are shy, immature boyish because they feel safe with them as these men have no friends. However rich, powerful men tend to switch partners often which are hard to endure by wives. Although the wise wife many times avoids kicking up a riot. Consequently she becomes unhappy , because the feeling of fulfillment fails and she will be disappointed.
Regarding sexuality she accepts that it is a part of marriage. But often she has shex out of duty. Many times she doesn’t experience orgasm which later, over the years can change.
The day of her marrige is the most important for her. These women’s happyness depends on how much importance the husband attributes to the marriage, how faithful he is, how much he acknowledge her. If their marriage doesn’t work out, they think of divorce. If the husband falls in love another woman, they won’t unmarry, she rather endures it. If a woman with such strong archetype divorces after all, it’s the hell itself. Pain, sorrow, anger, revenge.
In the connection to her children, some maternal type can be sensed, but if she needs to choose between husband or child, she will choose the husband.
The rate of her happiness depends on how successful is her marriage. Those of them who are unmarried, divorced or widowed will become a wretched elderly woman.
At midlife marriages can get into danger if , for example the husband ogles other women. In such case jealousy, hatred, and revenge is probable.
If such women live by themself, become lonely and they face their most difficult time of life.
The quality of her life depends on how well she can integrate her other sides. What is her financial condition. There are those lucky ones who get old with their couples.

The Mother

When we are talking about the great mother archetype, we don’t mean an idea specific in space and time, but an inner image which they operate in the human soul. The impact of this primal image can be tracked thought history, it appears even in the old rites, myths and symbols, in the dreams in every human being.
Every archetype or primal image has an energetic manifestation which happen mainly in the subconscious as well as between the conscious and subconscious mind.
Each archetype has a pleasant and and less pleasant side.
This has to be imagined that these patterns, primal images are shown in behavioral forms in our everyday lives.
There are several primal images operating in every single human behing and this depends on gender, age, family background, social environmental impacts. But what is the most powerful is in any case relates to the family patters and the karmic tasks for this life.
If we analyze this on the level of chakras, the mother archetype can be linked to the root chakra. If this is stable and strong, this effect or energy can appear : the generous, protecting mother, who is dependable. If this is weak, then the person is still in a victim behavioral pattern.
But let’s see how this shows in the practice.
If the genetic family subconscious pattern and the life tasks brought, centers around the inner work with our maternal side, then this means, that this pervades the time even from conception spent in the womb. For example those women who have a strong maternal archetypal dominance could have it’s signs even at very early age : Toying with dolls and later claim for motherhood comes up earlier than most women.
This is going to be the strongest urge that forms the life later. Usually these girls, women wed a man at early age and they seek security. They want to have a family as soon as possible and when they have babies, those and the activities with them get in the focus. This can only be problematic if the mother has not yet healed the wound of her own mother in herself, because if she has not healed this in herself, then she will connect to her child with a very broken mother aspect. What does it mean ? If this wound has not healed yet, then this pattern will be carried on and she could connect to her child in this way her motherhood. But what is this motherwound ? Neither of our mother is perfect. They can’t be. Thus surely they couldn’t satiate our every needs the way it would have been best for us back then. Because of this, deep feelings of absence developed in us which we aim to cure, generally through our human relationships, but this cannot be a a permanent solution as no one else, not even our mother can heal this wound of ours, because this originates from the past. Only we can heal ourselves. Until the healing is not completed – because our first relation pattern is the most important – we project this pattern to the outside world-and perhaps we search for the perfect mother there. But it’s always disappointment in the end, because this need cannot be satisfied from an outside source. We can only project our desire for a perfect mother with a deep indulgence to our partner, mentors, pupils, friends and systems. The more this has shown to us in our lives in the forms of painful experiences, the more opportunities we have to have them ready to deal with them. The first step in this inner work for me was with my mother, with the process of my birth and the list go on. But not even this is the main thing, but that I was a mother in my every human relationship because of my traumatic maternal archetype. I was a mother to my disciples, to my child, to my partner, to my friends. A mother burdened with very high sense of guilt, who wanted save anyone by all means , spending much time and energy being in the role of a saviour, because not being a good mother. Thanks to this people appeared in my life who were not adults and wanted to get as much as possible by relating to me as a child.
For as long as this archetype is present in ourselves, it means, that the other 8 cannot manifest themselves well enough or not at all. Thus we are dominantly only in one or two energies consequently in the mother one. Most therapeuist are in this archetype. People feel this and a strong attraction and urge, that that is their place. Since the mother burdened with sense of guilt is always available, even in his spare time. She can’t draw the line or at least it’s very difficult for her. Tower of strength she is, means security and well, saviour at the same time. For the he healer and the instructor it worths solving and healing this inward, or else they won’t be able to heal others with the same problem. These can manifest in a given situation in a therapy group where the same people go without any progress of healing or advancing. Everyone is unsatisfied and they still go hoping that they are in the right place. Well they are, because this help them in the best possible way. Certainly this is a weak healing process and won’t mean any sort of resort or real change in one’s life. But let’s analyse this from relationship’s perspective. Those women who has this maternal archetype pattern intensely, will choose an immature young man as a partner those who need to be raised, saved, need to be told what to do, because this will make them feel that they are irreplaceable, and that they won’t be abandoned , offended. This is the safe choice for themselves . Obviously, this is relationship is not of equal rank, because on both sides there are fears deep inside, and a mother-child relationship is never equal.
The end of this suffering is the complete lack of sexual affinity and the perpetual dissatisfaction.
The relationship terminates or will be sickening and in one way or another one of them will get out of it.
But what can be done ? Mourn that our mother wasn’t capable to do give enough, give in to the anger that we feel because of this, bewail the shortage and nourish our spirit, to love and to nurture. Healing our congenital traumas and the connection to our child through releasing the old subconscious patterns. What will happen in the outworld ? We stop searching for good mothers in teachers.We cease to seek and maintain relationships of unequal ranks, we end friendships based on mutual exploitation and the unmasked ego is born. That is who I am by setting my limits and with deep faith and knowledge : I am all right the way I am. My relationship with my children is pure and based on connection of love which is free from any guilt and pain. True friendships of mutual support comes in life then the partner appears who arrives in the condition of joy.and two joyful person decides to enjoy the limitless pleasure of life together. Pupils finish the course and start to live their lives, the find partner, their own self, their way and they realize their life purpose.

The Leader

The leader archetype, as an energy quality, firmly masculin-like. The leader is who takes the lead of different plans, projects which she achieves successfully. For this, she possesses inner strength, charm and stability. She is the one who the people gladly follow. She usually has strong maternal archetype too.
People with strong leader archetype in reality the leaders of their own lives and not passengers in a car that are driven by others. They have strong creative force and they create things in the material world with ease. They are public spirited.
If this arcetype is well operated and given green light, we will be able to control our on lives, then there will be no need for outside validation or outsider guiders. For this to be driven well, one needs to have virtue of the skill and willingness to ccoperate.
Those who have the leader archetype can masterfully represent a community’s objective.
Negative aspect of this archetype is when it is driven by because of lust for power, defense, contest or self-doubt. One can become tyrannical, giddy with power if this archetype is overdriven.

The Magician

The Wise Woman

This archetype is the embodier of intuitive wisdom. It is in perfect harmony with the spirit realm and Mother Earth. She is the one who is able to balance and harmonize apparent deadlocks with her stable and intuitive knowledge.
Main positive trait is serenity, patience, positivity, equilibrium, solidarity and the deepest intuition. She can solve any situation where the ego would like to achieve victory.
She reservedly supports other people’s wisdom without any desire of acknowledgement.
She has direct connection to nature.
They can transfer the knowledge gathered by their intuition and experience in their walk of life to other women.
This archetype is strongly present in midwives,doulas, herb-women,shamans and spiritual guides.

The Goddess

The goddess is the archetype which provides transcendent experience, reconnects with the source and nourishes the divine essence. God, He is the spark of life, the mover and shaker, the dinamic and the streaming energy of creation and the evolution. Her wisdom is unfathomable, intuitive, develops untraceably and keeps progressing, showing the mystery, the way to the unkown, the unknowable. She rekindle the desire and the life force, which gives new experience, new alliance and new opportunities. The Goddess joins the flow of the growth, and the newness. She is the archetype which inspires our spirit and raises it in to newer heights in a utmost fullness possible. Her vibration is transpersonal, harmonic love for everybody to every living being. The Goddess archetype is dominant in the spirituality , in the mystic experience and in the intuition. A woman who dominantly lives in this archetype of the Goddess is like a real goddess. Dynamic energy is flowing from her, her present continously changing infinite intuitive wisdom and creativity is inspiring. She causes the feeling of rejuvenation and rebirth, the immanent, thus the divine presence personified, spiritually balanced transcendental the controled, love flows from her without any discrimination or prejudice, because she is the initiator of the ideas and solutions, she is looking for cooperation and the consensus for realization and manifestation of the plans.

The nine feminine archetypes - meditation series

Meditation for women only !

Every quality has their positive and negative aspects.

It is important to see these and relieve those that set us back in ourselves and integrate those which are missing.

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