Teacher Training

Golden Rebirth Teacher Training

This course is for those who decided to dig deeper, want to heal, and to make significant changes in each aspects of their lives.

We work on the seven stages of birth, go all through them in detail. We do truth work (we look for root problems, heal traumas, let go of physical blocks). We speak about the 3 yeses in our lives, the 3 golden doorways, what it means to be born to be true.

In the first phase, we purify our connection with the Earth, with God and with our physical body. We work on every energetic block, which stem from the fears of our human existence. We talk about our promise to God, and we examine what we took on for this life.

In the second phase, we do DNA activation, on the level of ovum and spermatozoon. We purify the familial-generational patterns. We experience the new pattern of being conceived in love.
In the third phase, we deal with the twin stories (bring a stuffed bear or rabbit), we work with the feelings experienced in the womb, with our mothers’ and fathers’ fears, with the effects from the outside world, about the issue of being expected to be of different sex, DNA purification, and if there was unification on a cellular level.

In the fourth phase, we talk about our decisions in life, the hardships about them, our own rhythm and setting it – this is the phase of the second yes.

The fifth phase is the phase of liberation through the channel, we remove energetic blocks, like abhorrence of bodily fluids, we work on our ability to reach orgasm, on our ability to be happy, on our obstructions in life, the phobias, the feeling of panic.

The sixth phase is the phase of freedom. We discuss our own strength, our connection to it, the placenta meditation, the money chakra, and our relation to money.

The seventh phase is the phase of nourishment, resting, letting go of control problems, accepting love and the ability of giving it.

We use the technique of trans-breathing during the 3-day course, so bring a small pillow and casual clothing as well.

Pre-requisites for applying to the teacher training:
• Completing the Golden Rebirth course,
• Completing the Source Memory Healing level 1 and level 2 courses

Source Memory Healing - Teacher Training

The Source Memory Healing method was called into being by the demand and feeling to have a deeper understanding instead of the constant digging and superficial clean-up. A deeper understanding with direct intent to get directly to the karmic source memory where the problem started.

To get to the primary source is only possible in a deep state, where the defensive mechanism of the ego is limited to a minimum, and a deep elemental connection is made with our soul, our feelings. In this deep state, we are able to choose getting into the issue and relieving instead of resistance and avoidance. For this, an experienced mentor is needed, who will take you there and can hold a safe space during the process where this all can happen. The medium we go deep with is an ancient meditational technique, which needs practice, but if the course leader can spend enough time in this deep state, then the client is also able to access it. We work with the laws, like the law of karma, the law of justice, the law of balance and harmony to restore order.

Practicing the meditation frequently will help us to be able to relieve energetic blocks, so we become masters for ourselves.

Walking our paths, we all meet mentors and masters, and they walk along with us, but the goal is to arrive to a deep silence where everything and everybody is accepted as they are and there is peace, joy and abundance.

Pre-requisites for applying to the SMH teacher training course:
• Completing the Source Memory Healing level 1, level 2, and level 3 courses
• SMH consultant’s exam (the exam can be taken after the level 2 course and 10 trips)
• Completing the 10-day teacher training (retreat)
• Everyday meditation practice

Pre-requisites for applying to the advanced teacher training course:
• Completing the Source Memory Healing level 1, level 2, and level 3 courses
• Completing the “Welcome to unlimited abundance” course
• Completing the beginner teacher training
• A 5-day teacher training (retreat)
• Teaching 5 beginner courses (3 courses for Theta Healing teachers)

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