When we are talking about the archetype of the big mother, it’s not an image set in actual time and space, but it’s an in inside image which have it’s effect in the female spirit.

This primordial image’s influence could be follows throught history, even in the old rites, myths and in symbols. in dreams, in every human’s mind.

Every archetypes or ancient image has an energetic manifestation, which mainly happens in the subconscious and between the subconscious and conscious mind.

Each archetype has a nice and a least nice side.

It kind of meant , that these are patterns,  archetypes are shown in our everyday lives in behaviour forms.

In every living being there are multiple primordial image working and this depends on sex, age, family background,  ambient influence. But what is even stronger by all means relates to the familial patterns and karmic tasks brought to this life to be completed.

If we investigate this on the level of chakras, the Mother archetype can be connected to the root chakra. If that is stable and strong, then this effect or energy can come out. This generous, securing mother who is stable. If this is week, then one is still in the victim behaviour pattern.

But let’s see how it comes up in practice.

If the genetic family subconscious pattern and the life tasks brought, centers around the inner work with our maternal side, then this means, that this pervades the time even from conception spent in the womb. For example those women who have a strong maternal archetypal dominance could have it’s signs even at very early age : Toy with doll and later claim for motherhood comes up earlier than most women.

This is going to be the strongest urge that forms the life later. Usually these girls, women wed a man early, they seek security.  They want to have a family as soon as possible and when they have babies, those and the activities with them get in the focus. This can only be problematic if the mother has not yet healed the wound of her own mother in herself, because if she has not healed this in herself, then she will connect to her child with a very broken mother aspect. What does it mean ? If this wound has not healed yet, then this pattern will be carried on and she could connect to her child in this way her motherhood. But what is this motherwound ?  Neither of our mothers is perfect. They can’t be. Thus surely they couldn’t satiate our every needs the way it would have been best for us back then. Because of this, deep feelings of absence developed in us which we aim to cure, generally through our human relationships, but this cannot be a a permanent solution as no one else, not even our mother can heal this wound of ours, because this originates from the past. Only we can heal ourselves. Until the healing is not completed – because our first relation pattern is the most important –  we project this pattern to the outside world-and perhaps we search for the perfect mother there. But it’s always disappointment in the end, because this need cannot be satisfied from an outside source. We can only project our desire for a perfect mother with a deep INDULGENCE to our partner, mentors, pupils, friends and SYSTEMS. The more this has shown to us in our lives in the forms of painful experiences, the more opportunities we have to have them ready to deal with them. The first step in this inner work for me was with my mother, with the process of my birth and the list go on. But not even this is the main thing, but that I was a mother in my every human relationship because of my  traumatic maternal archetype. I was a mother to my disciples, to my child, to my partner, to my friends. A mother burdened with very high sense of guilt, who wanted save anyone by all means , spending much time and energy being in the role of a saviour, because not being a good mother. Thanks to this people appeared in my life who were not adults and wanted to get as much as possible by relating to me as a child.

For as long as this archetype is present in ourselves, it means, that the other 8 cannot manifest themselves well enough or not at all. Thus we are dominantly only in one or two energies consequently in the mother one. Most therapeuist are in this archetype. People feel this and a strong attraction and urge, that that is their place. Since the mother burdened with sense of guilt is always available, even in his spare time. She can’t draw the line or at least it’s very difficult for her. Tower of strength she is, means security and well, saviour at the same time. For the he healer and the instructor it worths solving and healing this inward, or else they won’t be able to heal tohers with the same problem.  These can manifest in a given situation in a therapy group where the same people go without any progress of healing or advancing. Everyone is unsatisfied and they still go hoping that they are in the right place. Well they are, because this help them in the best possible way. Certainly this is a weak healing process and won’t mean any sort of resort or real change in one’s life. But let’s analyse this from relationship’s perspective. Those women who has this maternal archetype pattern intensely, will choose an immature young man as a partner  those who need to be raised, saved, need to be told what to do, because this will make them feel that they are irreplaceable, and that they won’t be abandoned , offended. This is the safe choice for themselves . Obviously, this is relationship is not of equal rank, because on both sides there are fears deep inside, and a mother-child relationship is never equal.

The end of this suffering is the complete lack of sexual affinity and the perpetual dissatisfaction.

The relationship terminates or will be sickening and in one way or another one of them will get out of it.

But what can be done ? Mourn that our mother wasn’t capable to do give enough, give in to the anger that we feel because of this, bewail the shortage and nourish our spirit, to love and to nurture. Healing our congenital traumas and the connection to our child through releasing the old subconscious patterns. What will happen in the outworld ? We stop searching for good mothers in teachers.We cease to seek and maintain relationships of unequal ranks, we end friendships based on mutual exploitation and the unmasked ego is born. That is who I am by setting my limits and with deep faith and knowledge : I am all right the way I am. My relationship with my children is pure and based on connection of love which is free from any guilt and pain. True friendships of mutual support comes in life then the partner appears who arrives in the condition of joy.and two joyful person decides to enjoy the limitless pleasure of life together. Pupils finish the course and start to live their lives, the find partner, their own self, their way and they realize their life purpose.

– Márti Szilasi

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